Most people know me as Ellen Wanamaker,                                                                                                the divorce financial specialist, paralegal, mediator and personal mentor.

I’ve been providing solutions for women nationwide for more than 15 years to save their sanity and their savings by using my unique strategies and step by step program developed during my own divorce. I am formally trained and educated and have worked in law firms as well as with individual clients. Feel free to review my Credentials Page HERE.

When I work with clients, I am their personal confidante, every step of the way..




My past clients will tell you that I am compassionate and funny and that I pick them up whenever they feel down. I also help them focus on what’s important and help them prevent divorce disasters with the strategies I learned "in the trenches."

And yes, I can even make them laugh on their worst days.

Most begin by reading my book, “Divorce Starter Tools Women Need, Choose to Be Smart and Savvy,” which is a blended introduction into everything that's needed for the foundation of a divorce.

My life evolved into this new career after I experienced my own divorce.


What you may not know about me is, when I was 23 I got married. It was too early and I was too naïve. I guess you could say I was in love with love. After the glow of the honeymoon wore off we were just living together and working. The love light had gone out.

I knew we couldn’t stay together but I also knew he would never go along with a divorce so I had what they call analysis paralysis for a number of years. And the thought of being a single mom and trying to support myself terrified me.

I was bored, lonely, and felt my life was slipping away too quickly. Sure we had a beautiful son, but that just seemed to move us even further apart.




Finally, one day after a typical argument where he was completely condescending I decided that it was time. I just couldn't take it anymore.

But first I had to figure out what that kind of a choice would mean and how to try to get out with everything I had worked so hard to save.

And of course the thought of living with him while we were getting divorced made me uncomfortable to put it mildly.



Fast forward... After my divorce I felt like a different person. I began to recreate myself. I was able to do things I felt drawn to, which in general was to help people. I had already done that as a dental hygienist and tax professional.

I knew I wanted a fresh start and my attorney suggested I work in divorce, something I had never considered. It felt right and very natural to move in that direction to start my next chapter, helping women with divorce financials and much more.




This is why I do what I do.  I’s because I have been following my dream. 

I have been helping divorcing women who are struggling with fear of the unknown and how they will survive financially and emotionally on their own. So I help them with my unique techniques to overcome their fears. I support and educate them about their money so they can be resilient and financially secure after their divorce, like I am.

This has been my mission and I have been living this dream, helping women nationwide. I've learned nothing is impossible, unless you just give up.



If you or someone you care about would like to discuss how you can get through your divorce with your sanity and savings, let’s have a discussion.

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