OK, I admit, labeling them a difficult spouse is a HUGE understatement which you know if you clicked on it. Too many couples get to a point where things escalate so far they can't be in the same room together, talk on the phone, or even text or email without feeling sick inside. It happens and it's not fun or pretty. It also makes getting things resolved a little tricky, but there are ways... I have always said, after you try Plan A and Plan B, you have more options. That's why the alphabet goes to the letter Z - you have 26 potential options, although I've never had to go that far...

If you've been drawn to this page you may have tried the nice approach. If not, it's not too late to give it a try even if you think you've got a difficult spouse. You may be surprised.
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If you've tried everything and you're about to throw your hands up in the air and give up, then sit down and take a deep breath. There are solutions you just don't know about.

You see, when you go through something like this for the first time it does strange things to your overall senses. The main thing is, it gives you brain fog, causing you to not be problem solving. You mentally wander around aimlessly wondering how on earth you're going to get anything at all corrected, and you can't for the life of you figure out how. And of course a lawyer won't give you any good ideas, they'll just give you legal advice. That's their job, but you need something else.

Here's an important tip you likely won't hear elsewhere, don't engage in the conflicts. What do I mean? If your spouse is attempting to goad you into a dispute, don't get sucked in. Don't lose your cool. Don't give them the satisfaction. I usually recommend my clients respond with a comment like, "I'm sorry we can't agree on that." or maybe "This is not a good time to talk about this." or "I don't want to argue with you, let's just drop it." If they persist, you have a headache or are not feeling well and leave the room to go rest or you have to leave so you're not late for work, appointment, you get the idea. Just DO NOT ENGAGE. It keeps the level of conflict down. Just remember to "keep your arm extended."


This might sound a bit corny to you, but it really does work.

It prevents battles. It prevents headaches. It prevents brain fog.

Try it a few times and you'll see. Your spouse may get annoyed, however...

You've prevented a potential battle and in that regard you have won that round.


That's one of the many techniques we use to prevent you from being ambushed, to keep you focused on the outcome.

The best results occur when the planning is complete, and you can have an experienced professional by your side,

every step of the way.


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