I help people improve their overall physical and financial health  so they can relax. They gain confidence knowing what we put into place gives them renewed energy and wealth that helps improve their lifestyle. 

We get them set up with most of the pieces of their health and wealth puzzle on autopilot, and they feel empowered knowing they will make smart decisions in the future. I pride myself in the fact that my services are strictly personalized.



I have been blessed over the years to have had the education and experience to understand the mechanics and details of many of the major health, wealth, and divorce issues people face.

It has become my mission to share as much as I can with as many people as I can, who have not been as lucky. No need for you to feel lost, concerned, or worried. I can help guide you through whatever you need.



~   Registered Dental Hygienist/ Expanded Functions Dental Hygienist 1978-2006
*      Fairleigh Dickinson University - NJ 1978 Phi Omega Epsilon Honor Society

~   Dental Patient Treatment Coordinator/Dental Practice Manager 1979-2006

~   Dental Assisting Instructor/Program Administrator & Developer 1979-1983

~   Certified Dental Assistant/Dental Surgical Assistant 1980-2006

~   Enrolled Agent – Federally licensed tax practitioner –January 1991 - present

~   Licensed US Treasury representative in Federal Tax Court-January 1991- present

~   Series 6 Mutual Fund Broker-December 1999-2006

~   Title Abstractor Certificate – Deed and Mortgage Research 2003 - present

~   NJ Life Insurance Producer June 2000-2006

~   FL Life Insurance Producer June 2000-2006

~   NJ Health Insurance Producer-June 2000-2006

~   FL Health Insurance Producer-June 2000-2006

~   ABA Accredited Paralegal Studies Program Fairleigh Dickinson University

       Lambda Epsilon Chi National Honor Society Honors Certificate GPA 3.9

~   Divorce & Family Mediation - NJ Association of Professional Mediators

~  Divorce Financial Specialist - Financial Divorce Association








My professional career has been quite a diverse journey.

I finished college as a dental hygienist, married a dental student, and was suddenly earning money and paying rent, our auto and health insurance and for food and other general expenses. A few years later my husband and I purchased a dental practice and I was thrust into more financial stuff. I had to learn in the trenches, and without any help!

Fast forward... I had to learn to do our business tax returns, studied and got licensed and started my own tax practice. Not letting grass grow under my feet, I next got licensed to sell investments (mutual funds), and the following year, life and health insurance licenses. Three years later my divorce started and finally ended 4 years after that. Also at that point I sustained a major wrist injury and was forced out of my chosen profession, dentistry.

My divorce attorney told me I should go into the divorce field since I had prepared all my own documents and did all my own divorce financials for him. That was good advice and I did that in various capacities for more than a decade. While I was able to help many people avoid a lot of the pains and frustrations associated with divorce, I felt a pulling, a nagging.

I knew I could do more... Something was missing. There was a huge void, like a vortex. One day while I was rolling around on my favorite rink on my inlines I realized what it was. Instead of focusing only on divorce and financials, I could also help more people by using my medical background to help people improve their health. The financial advisor skills could become a sideline once again. By investigating and gaining more education about products that help heal and promote better health, I could help people with issues far more life changing than tax returns and investments.

It would open my door back into the health fiend, but would allow me to have even more of a positive impact on people's lives. That Saturday night, on my speed inlines, you might say that I crashed through my proverbial brick wall.

And that is what led me to where I am today.






There is no "one size fits all"
when it comes to health.

Let's have a conversation
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