These techniques save you time, money and lots of aggravation,
all while having your own personal GPS to guide you throughout the process.


You may not walk away holding hands, although that has actually happened with one of our clients.

I offer clients highly personalized attention.

  • An advisor who is fully focused on you.
  • Assistance completing any forms, whether or not financial.
  • An experienced professional to guide you every step of the way.
  • Someone who won't drop the ball or miss your deadlines.
  • Someone who remembers the details of your case and really knows who you are.


Components Of Persuasion

Persuasion is accomplished by using:
act-based narratives,
hysical evidence, which in many cases is deficient, and
~The slight twist that's formulated based up
on who you are trying to persuade.       


Are You Ready For Persuasion?

Once a divorce begins, emotions generally take over and it's hard to focus. If you can't focus, you can't persuade anyone of anything. Common techniques used by others tend to be either temporary, or more of a distraction.


When To Use Persuasion 

During a divorce, there are special strategies needed to persuade:
~Your husband,
~Friends and family,
eys and mediator,
udges and court staff.

I have been working in the legal field for more than 15 years successfully persuading spouses, attorneys, mediators and judges. 

One favorite successful approach is the "reasonable person" standard, preferred by the courts yet rarely used.  

My attention to detail and initiative in finding physical documentation to support facts is overwhelmingly convincing.

My subtle approach to negotiation strategies "puts out the fire" in adversarial situations.

AND... I become a trusted confidante who keeps you focused, calm, and easily lightens your moods.

YOU Decide. It's YOUR Future.


Let's have a conversation if you want to reduce that gut-wrenching feeling. You will get a true sense of how I will help you secure your financial security... and maintain your sanity.

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