Traditional Divorce

With the standard approach to divorce, expect the unexpected. That's it. Just the wait and see attitude. 

That's what most people do, and that's why you hear all the nightmare stories about the divorce process. A good number of these cases bumble along on the Court's schedule, with little or nothing getting resolved. You're essentially herded into a large group who are all set up to do the same, whether it fits or not. But that's the nature of the traditional divorce. You might as well just pack your basic clothes, get in the car, and leave everything behind. 

Our Unique and Non-traditional Approach

Since you're here, you can investigate a totally different approach, one that I have used successfully for close to 15 years. I describe my approach below, which is very generic since every divorce is different. However the philosophies are the same throughout.

We work together to save you time, money and stress, and get you to a settlement so you can move on with the next chapter in your life. We lay out a full blueprint so you can get a bird's eye view of the entire process as well as what you will truly need and how to negotiate to achieve that.

When We First Meet

We will first discuss what's most important to YOU - your personal situation. We will assess what you foresee for your post-divorce future. This will include what you need in addition to what is fair. My goal is to focus on your family's financial interests. We can begin our discussions at any time, but the sooner the better. It's best before anyone has begun the divorce process, however I can also help you after the divorce has been filed, or it you're to a point where you're evaluating your finances in an attempt to negotiate and settle.

We'll also discuss key strategies to maximize the use of your funds during this process. One of my superpowers is that I'm an excellent financial and communications strategist. This means I'm always prepared to work with you to effectively manage your financial strategies and communications with your soon-to-be-ex, your attorney, and writing persuasively for the court, if necessary.

You Become Educated As To How To Save Money

Finally, in addition to assisting you in creating the financial plans I will educate you to any of the asset values and how they can best be divided, insuring the tax liability is kept to a minimum. This provides additional funds to work with in the division.

 Remember, you do have control over your future, and I'm here to help you achieve that vision while setting realistic expectations for results. Having been through the divorce process myself, I am fully aware that the client understands their family's psychology. Together we incorporate that into everything we do.

Why Work With A Financial Professional?

Your divorce is 90% financial, and without children the percentage is higher. Many individuals simply turn over their financial future to an attorney. But YOU can be one of those that doesn't have to live with someone else's decisions for you. The attorneys handle the legal aspects of your divorce, but you can identify, value and have settlement proposals to hand off to the attorney. Think about it this way... The attorney is driving the car, but you should be the GPS with the sense of direction and destination.. Your financial professional gives you the map.

A Recent Client Describes Her Experience With Ellen Wanamaker:

"Ellen Wanamaker is your "Want to go to person!" She walked me through  this from beginning to end!

Sooo knowledgeable in all areas... from personal safety, to my money accounts, and as far as what to expect and how to handle it in court!!!

She is very kind and caring and actually took the time  to really listen!!! All at the same time being very professional... who does that anymore!?!

Bottom line... She lead me through it all and I couldn't have done it without her!!!"


Use Divorce Exit Strategies