How would you feel if during your divorce you could have...

  • Emotional support every step of the way.
  • Relaxation strategies to sidestep the stress.
  • Solid financial plans to avoid having to chase after the money.
  • All the details set up for their new life.
  • The confidence to become empowered to control your own future.


"When Women Work Together There Is A Bond Like No Other." Victoria Principal

Choose to be Confident, not Lonely, during your Divorce


How Can This Help You?


For over 10 years I've helped women avoid typical mistakes.

Together we strategize so you make smart choices.

This ultimately saves time and a lot of money.

You'll be able to

  • reduce stress and gain focus, 
  • feel confidence and empowerment, 
  • be prepared for your new post-divorce life,
  • shelter your kids from a lot of the turmoil, and
  • yes, even laugh when you'd least expect it.



Why I am here for you

I've felt the heartache and loneliness and hit rock bottom.

My head was swirling. I had no idea how to get my life back.

I experienced many frustrations you're probably facing:

  • I was petrified that I would do something wrong.
  • I had no idea how I would survive financially.
  • I was concerned about irrational and vindictive reactions by my husband.
  • I had no idea how to protect my child.




Woman lying in bed sleepless at night

What I learned literally saved my emotional and financial future.
Will you choose that for yourself?

Meet Johanna


Johanna is an extremely bright physician. Shortly before I met her, she had created many plans for her future, but had no road map.

We spent a few short weeks getting her plans organized and getting her emotions in check so they did not interfere with her planning. After the first 10 days she told me, "I don't know what I would have done without you. It's like an angel has been sent to me. Any time I get wound up and too overwhelmed, you bring me right back into focus. I'm so glad Melissa recommended you."

Johanna still has a ways to go as we step though the process of untangling her financials, but she does have her future very well planned out. Now we work together to strategically manage the money so she maintains what is rightfully hers. Johanna has been empowered and is enjoying the guidance to insure her future.

Meet Leah


One morning in mid-February Leah's husband came toward her while she was still sleeping and yelled in her face, "Get out of my house!" She said he had a blank look in his eyes and the rage reminded her of Charles Manson. She ran for her life. 

Leah was one of the lucky ones. She found someone to take her in. Leah was so frazzled, she only left the house a few times for the first 3 months. She took time off from work. She was terrified. Her safety was secured and that's what mattered.

Now that she's more settled in her own new apartment, we're working together with her attorney to get the assets for her. She knows it will take time, but we speak often. Our light conversations keep her smiling and keep her spirits up. She has said to me, "You're my angel Ellen. It's as simple as that. Who knows what might have happened to me without your help. I am so grateful."


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